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Apartment for Rent Inglewood


Inglewood: the place to be for property owners and those looking for apartment rentals!

If you’re looking for a place to rent in Inglewood, CA, you’ve come to the right place. The city of Inglewood offers an array of benefits for residents including its proximity to some of the top-rated colleges and universities. Power Property Management has specialized in managing residential real estate throughout Inglewood and the Los Angeles area for a combined 30 years experience. Each of our property managers and staff are knowledgeable, professional, prompt, courteous and will gladly help any renter find a place that fits their budget and lifestyle.

Facts About Inglewood:

Inglewood is a southwestern city in downtown Los Angeles. Inglewood is made of several smaller neighborhoods, such as:

Inglewood is known as a overall quiet city that is comprised of mostly renters. The 2010 census states that 39% of the population owned their homes and lived in them. The rest are tenants living in rented apartments or homes.

Available Apartments for Rent Inglewood:

Inglewood Attractions

Inglewood Attractions

Inglewood is close to the Los Angeles International Airport, making it a great place to live for employees of the airport or visitors that are just passing through. Inglewood also has excellent nightlife with attractions like the Forum, a venue for local bands, stand-up comedy and more along with Hollywood Park (casino), and the Beacon, perfect for grabbing drinks with friends.

Schools in Inglewood, California

Schools in Inglewood, California

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Higher Education close to Inglewood

Higher Education close to Inglewood, California

If you’re looking for property management services or just an apartment to rent in Inglewood, we can help! Contact us for a management quote or browse our apartment rentals section of our website.

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