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Empowering Our Community:

A sense of home

Sometimes change comes in the form of a truck and a few helping hands. The Power Property Management team joined forces with A Sense of Home (ASOH) in 2014 to help ASOH create new homes for foster youth “aging out” of the LA County foster care system. Even though these youth may secure a roof over their heads, most times they lack the actual things that some of us take for granted in our homes such as furniture, microwaves, bedding, dining tables and kitchenware.

Every month, PPM works with tenants that move in and out, so naturally, it made sense to create a link between those getting rid of their extra furnishings with an organization that helps those who need them. The PPM volunteer team physically collects furniture and houseware donations in the Los Angeles area on pre-scheduled days throughout the year and uses these donations to setup homes for LA youth in need.

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Please sign up for our newsletter, follow our social media pages, or visit if you’d like to learn more or to sign up as an ASOH volunteer.


Dominican Light Project

Imagine a Life without Light...

The Power Property Management team is proud of our Leasing Manager, Jacqueline Gallardo, for her personal dedication and social initiative project that she recently launched alongside Esenciales J.S. SRL, the Dominican Light Project. The Dominican Light Project donates solar lanterns to provide a sustainable source of light to 9 million+ Dominicans currently forced to live in the dark. 80%+ of the Dominican population faces daily blackouts, with 1 million of them living 'off the grid' entirely. Dominican children have no light to study with, and many kids face 5-10 mile daily walks to school in complete darkness. Imagine your life without light. Together with Esenciales J.S. SRL, has launched an Indiegogo campaign, check out their story and campaign.

To donate to this incredible cause, click here, and to follow the Dominican Light Project's future events, Like them on Facebook.